Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Post india trip chat

It has been sometime since I blogged. It is because I am married now (I got new responsibilities). I have the still have to complete the blogs I promised but here is something you can have a laugh about while I complete the blog posts I promised. Me and my friend Canolgon had a chat after I returned from and India trip and it turned to this really messed up funny chat discussing life.

Elephantatech [12:49 PM]:
Canolgon [12:50 PM]:
Elephantatech [12:51 PM]:
you are not away
I see you at your desk
Canolgon [12:51 PM]:
i'm away in spirit
Elephantatech [12:51 PM]:
but ur not
do you see the contradiction in your wording
do you
Canolgon [12:52 PM]:
this body is merely a husk
Elephantatech [12:52 PM]:
why must you argue?
Canolgon [12:52 PM]:
and is capable of typing while my spirit lets one rip right behind you
Elephantatech [12:54 PM]:
can you not see that this only make it all the more [interesting words that will convince you in old age]
Canolgon [12:54 PM]:
can you smell that? that's the smell of victory!
Elephantatech [12:54 PM]:
not quite
that is just the spice from my warmed food from the microwave
Canolgon [12:54 PM]:
are you sure of that?
Elephantatech [12:55 PM]:
Canolgon [12:55 PM]:
are you positive?
Elephantatech [12:55 PM]:
I am but neutral
you see positive and negative as only the answers
why must you see only black and white
Canolgon [12:56 PM]:
neutrality jut gets stomped out by both sides and forms a mess of gray!
Elephantatech [12:56 PM]:
but that grey has many shades (is grey or gray)
Canolgon [12:56 PM]:
either or i think, american spelling
Elephantatech [12:57 PM]:
americans always want their own
Canolgon [12:57 PM]:
butchering the english language one word at a time!
Elephantatech [12:57 PM]:
yet they forget they are after all english just run away
Canolgon [12:57 PM]:
Elephantatech [12:58 PM]:
with some spainish and hints of italian and obviously the aboriginals
Canolgon [12:58 PM]:
everyones a mix of something if you go far enough back
Elephantatech [12:58 PM]:
true everyone is black at the end of day
since original of man is africa
Canolgon [12:59 PM]:
lol i thought it was an asian mixture
ah whatever, we're all human
Elephantatech [1:00 PM]:
atleast the science says that if you believe in facts otherwise bible says we came from garden of eden
seriously it was a garden
can you even imagine that
Canolgon [1:01 PM]:
lol i know
Elephantatech [1:01 PM]:
why would not adam and eve eat the freaking apple
Canolgon [1:02 PM]:
the devil made em do it!
Elephantatech [1:02 PM]:
no it was not
it was a snake apparently this once speaks
Canolgon [1:02 PM]:
i'm pretty sure the devil took the form of a serpent and convinced them
Elephantatech [1:03 PM]:
yeah then it should be distinctive about the description of the snake
Canolgon [1:03 PM]:
Elephantatech [1:04 PM]:
the way they describe the snake or the serpent it seems like so we don't have an animal sly and cunning enough
then one guy goes o let try a fox they are cunning
next guy goes but foxes don't climb trees
well let go with snake or serpent then
Canolgon [1:05 PM]:
it's a relgion, told by many different people and eventually compiled into one book
obviously the story will vary, but the overall effect and lessons remain
Elephantatech [1:05 PM]:
they are slithering slimy things they will play the bad guy nicely ... no I mean the evil guy
Canolgon [1:05 PM]:
Elephantatech [1:05 PM]:
the snakes I mean
Canolgon [1:06 PM]:
build a time machine
and go back and see what happened
do it now!
Elephantatech [1:06 PM]:
I did it was the africa theory that proved right
Canolgon [1:06 PM]:
less typing more temporal science!
Elephantatech [1:06 PM]:
the other one was a story
and did you know aparently they did not have tails
I though the first man would have tails but it was not so
Canolgon [1:07 PM]:
it must have at one point
we still have tailbones that serve no other purpose
as well as a bunch of other organs the current human body has no use for
remnants from a less evolved time
Elephantatech [1:08 PM]:
it was because we either through tailess is cool or we some one stole it. could not tell since they did not even speak english
it was Like i was back home in india
in the village
they all speak a alien language apparently It was alien to them
Canolgon [1:09 PM]:
did you hit on your great, great, great ,great, great, great, great, great, great ,great, great, great, great, great, great ,great, great, great, great, great, great ,great, great, great, great, great, great ,great, great, great, great, great, great ,great, great, great, great, great, great ,great, great, great grandmother?
Elephantatech [1:09 PM]:
wierd huh
tried to
Canolgon [1:09 PM]:
rejection is a part of life
Elephantatech [1:09 PM]:
but apprently dead people don't like to be bothered