Wednesday, 31 March 2010

HTML5 Application Harmony

People are now hearing about this HTML5. It said to be the next big thing on the web that will wow the people. well I have been wowed by a simple application Harmony at found at It is build purely on JavaScript and HTML5 so it work with Firefox and chrome fine. When you first go to the page it it has a blank white page with menu or control box on the top.

Screenshot 1
Harmony Screenshot

As you see the screen shot above not very impressive or wow like. Now try using it and you will be see something amazing things the brush does.  As I started using I was wondering what I can do with this so I ended creating some graphics. I could see this with a few more features becoming a huge thing. For example layers, blending, eraser tool, options to save file in more formats and obviously a lot more brushes or pens.

Since the code it under the MIT license which by the way is another open source license developed by MIT you can look at the license here if interested in it at now how to get the source code click on about and there is a link for source code right there. Download it and you will be able to to use it like a desktop app if you wanted to or develop more options for it. I would like to think that this will develop to something awesome and powerful.

Flickr Slideshow for Harmony Collection