Thursday, 17 June 2010

Macro Feature Rediscovered

I was playing around with the camera yesterday and re-discovered the macro option on my Canon Power Shot SD550. I got some quite unexpected results. You never know what you will get when you get up close to something. Like my biology class when I entered high school playing with the microscope was fun.

Some interesting things I discover from the naked eye flowers look great but some of the flowers in the slideshow you will see the flowers have some sort  of damage due to time, insects and weather.

Since I am using macro feature of the camera it gives of some times the effect of tilt shift for some picture which is cool. (more information on tilt shift check out The photography here is mostly macro photography which takes picture of small objects as opposed to tilt shift which is basically taking picture of large landscapes creating a illusion of small. for more information on Macro photography check Anyways enjoy

By the way the pictures in the slideshow are Creative Common Licensed so use them for your personal use in every way you can think of. let me know what you do with them.